Reaction to Final Day of Class

I can’t believe how quickly this semester went. I guess the fact that we didn’t meet several times a week really made this class seem to be a speeding flash of light which is now gone.

I enjoyed the last day of presentations, moreso once mine was over. Again I was amazed by the vast variety of topics that our class produced a plethora of information about. From tattoos and hip hop to AIDs and Chinese Nationalism, to environmental, to village government, to film…. we covered all the bases. I think the eclectic nature of these projects is really what made them so interesting.

In most cases when I am subjected to listening to presentations for entire class periods I have trouble staying awake. I think the choice to give us 10 minutes was perfect. It is enough time to delve slightly into the topic, and get people interested, but not too much to have the audience nodding off or feeling like they are being lectured at. As a presenter it was a good amount of time to have as well because it wasn’t too nerve racking – ten minutes goes quickly when you have as much information as all of us did to complete our papers.

I enjoyed the use of primary sources in the presentations – particularly the photos and videos, which to me at always better than a quote or text of any kind.

I can’t say it enough- I am highly impressed by our class presentations.

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