Update on my project

I know its late in the game to give an update but I recently had a breakthrough  (just in the nic of time to write my minimum of 10 pges by Tuesday). As I was reading the countless sources that I have accumulated, I realized that the majority of the text that I have been able to find, and have been referred to, has been on Chinese Rock.

As I may have mentioned to some of you in class, I was starting to think about paralleling the two movements and discussing them in that light together. I am doing this for my project and one particular article made this all click for me – Jeroen de Kloet’s “Popular Music and Youth in Urban China: the Dakou Generation. As I reread this source with my new focus in mind, I noticed that some of the main distinctions that de Kloet was making about Chinese Rock were also true for Chinese Hip Hop. From there I have determined that the two movements parallel each other quite nicely and are developing with the same issues at hand – they are both predominantly youth cultures, they both had to negotiate with govt. censorship, and they both were greatly influenced by Western culture (mainly the US).

I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally have a direction. I have been getting a little worried. I also finally got in some ILL requests that have been perfect.

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