Presentations So Far

I have been really impressed by what our class has come up with so far. The topics are so diverse that it really makes presentation days interesting and eclectic.

I thought that the Homosexuals in China topic was very interesting – I don’t really think about how the gay community is accepted in other cultures, but it is important to realize how far the US has progressed in the last few decades in regards to tolerance and acceptance of homosexuals and bisexuals. I was interested to know that there is a conference for this purpose as well.

The environmental movement in China is also a topic that struck my fancy. I was interested to find out that often there are preliminary measures taken and publicized simply to quell the rising concern for carbon emissions etc. I think it is particularly interesting that China is behaving like a purely money driven state – sort of makes me think what is the US really doing to help with environmental issues?

Both film studies were very interesting to me as well. I completely understand their struggles with finding translations and source material (as I am dealing with that/have been dealing with that for the entirety of my project). I thought it was interesting how film could play such a large propoganda role in China – especially since the focus was on women and their rights. Painting women as strong only to support communist ideals blows my mind a little bit. And in the second case, painting women as strong characters who at the very end sacrifice themselves out of weakness also bothers me greatly. Both very interesting studies though for sure!

More later… I really agree with Aislyn that these presentations have been top notch. I have learned a lot from them and I can tell that everyone has worked very hard on their research this semester.

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