Time as Money

This account really took me by surprise. I guess I should have figured out the content from the title, but I often don’t look at authors names – hence I missed the Hooker part. I really am drawn to first hand accounts – first person makes everything more personal and real for me and you don’t often get that from Historical texts (with some obvious exceptions of journals, letters, etc.) For me, it is amazing that there is a sysem of heirarchy in being a hooker in shenzhen. I also was taken aback by the fact that some women would sell their services off for only 20 yaun. There are certain things I didn’t want to know about, like this particular hooker working even when she is on her period (guh). Overall, this is a vulgar text in that it describes the job of prostitution, with no allusions or methaphors – just straight up information. This account decribes money as the end all be all, you live off money, and money can even buy back your virginity. This was an interesting read for sure, I don’t really know what else to say about it except that I understand now the need to crack down on prostitution – if it is as common as this hooker made it seem. I never want to visit shenzhen.

On a seperate note – I wanted to just say again how surprised I was about the music choices of our class. No one picked “paved paradise” or led zepplin which i think speaks to the originality of the people in our class – and the fact that we don’t just pick the easiest thing to do so it’s done quickly. Good job guys!

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