Topic Narrowing for Hist471PRC

Now that the proposal has been completed I can safely give a little more information about what it is I am trying to do with this paper. To refresh everyone’s memory, I am doing research on the Chinese Hip Hop movement. Specifically, I am going to study the history of Hip Hop (first here in the US and then in China) and determine what role censorship holds in both those stories. As many of my sources have suggested, Hip Hop is a way for people to express themselves – freedom of expression in China can be difficult. The underground hip hop movement is a good example of Chinese censorship because unlike in the US where popular music artists enjoy good money for their performances, Chinese Hip Hop artists can not make a living off of their craft. They are censored by the government and are forced to multiply their fan bases by small live performances and online videos.

So far it’s been very interesting – so I am looking forward to delving further.

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