A little more on project ideas

Project Possibilities Spring 09 PRC Seminar

  1. I am interested in censorship in Chinese literature. I would really like to study a few specific female authors. One that has come up a lot in my searches is Can Xue. I was thinking I could use a few of her writings and also investigate censorship as a whole in the modern PRC.
    1. Central Questions: What specific qualifications are there for a book to be banned in the PRC? Are there any perks to this system for obedient writers that follow the rules? How easy is it to get a hold of these banned books in China (merely an inconvenience like the internet or harder?) Do authors face political/physical danger for their banned productions?
    2. Research Leads:

i. Interview with Xue about her writing and censorship,

ii. her writings (Yellow Mud Street, Old Floating Cloud, Hut on a Mountain),

iii. Stubborn Weeds: Popular and Controversial Chinese Literature after the Cultural Revolution. Ed. Perry Link. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1983.,

iv. Between Discourse and Reality, review by Barbara Mittler

v. Perry Link – Roses and thorns : the second blooming of the Hundred Flowers in Chinese fiction, 1979-1980.

vi. In the Red – Geremie Barme

  1. I also would be interested in looking into censorship of Chinese film. I have been less successful with this topic as of yet, but did find a few things on MCLC.
    1. I am thinking along the contemporary lines and would really like to find a few films and see the governmental reaction/censorship (if in fact there is any). Central Questions might be: What type of films or directors or actors are acceptable to the Chinese culture? How are US movies viewed? Are there any laws or restrictions as to what can be produced in film?
    2. Research:

i. http://www.dianying.com/en/

ii. http://newton.uor.edu/Departments&Programs/AsianStudiesDept/china-film.html

iii. http://www.china.org.cn/english/features/film/84528.htm

iv. So far I have found little scholarly works on this, but I have scheduled an appointment with my film professor to see if he has any leads.

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  1. kadams311 says:

    This is an awesome topic, you’ve already done so much work and are really organized. I look forward to reading more as you progress with your research! If you’d like to check a film out on YouTube, I posted a link to it on my blog. It includes a part about censorship that might interest you or give you a few leads to follow. Hope it helps!