Potential Topics – rambling to hopefully make sense

This research project is actually somewhat daunting to me – I really feel like the open ended nature of this assignment is somewhat crippling to me. While YES I like to have flexibility as to being able to choose what I find the most interesting, OFTEN (and by that I mean always) I find myself choosing obscure topics that have NO primary sources and very limited information on them. Example 1: Heifer Project (what is this? yeah…that’s what everyone in my 299 said and no wonder – there is no information anywhere about it) Example 2: James Dean’s romantic life (senior thesis which turned into a secondary source literature review compilation due to the lack of sufficient relevant info – mainly caused by the taboo nature of his bi-sexual experiences, but bad news none the less). So seriously – pick a good topic Elle.

Option number 1: I am really interested in looking into governmental censorship – particularly literature or cinema in modern (ish) china. I was thinking that this way I have some primary sources in the books or films themselves, but the problem there is are there english translations? How do I go about finding the books that China wants to disappear? Tough stuff.

Option 2: Not too sure – I, like Zane, am really interested in sports. I equate China’s gynastics team to that of a Russian polevaulter trained from birth (or insert other insane country hand-picking young ones for national glory in the sports arena). I don’t want to step on any toes though, so I’m trying to veer in a different direction… more to come for sure. Maybe an entirely different idea.

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