Digital History Reflections

First let me say I am happy to be done with this project. I feel that my extended information for markers complies with the contract, with the exception of only one marker, From Indian Path to Highway, which was the history of Route 1 which neither I nor Jack Bales could find a second source for, let alone our goal number of five sources per marker. The other markers ranged as well with their availability. I feel that the length of my entries directly correlates to the number of sources I was able to find. I am very confident that my research was well done and that I found appropriate extended information and photos. The contract itself is rather vague. When it comes down to it, there are so many nit-picky things that I would have never thought of before getting into the thick of things (such as tagging or linking etc.) that weren’t in our contract but did take a long time to complete.

Personalities and work methods are two things that my group continued to readjust around as the semester wore on. I didn’t miss any deadlines (with the exception of the first one which we edited and discussed with Professor McClurken), which is not the case for any other group member. I am an intense group member. That said, I was an asset to this team in several ways. I plan ahead and make lists which I felt did help us find a consensus on what was agreed upon. I came prepared to meetings with comments and questions, or an actual agenda. I presented in class relevantly and regularly. Also, I helped other group members and volunteered for extra projects.

I have learned a lot in terms of technology this semester. I can honestly state that I was little help in the website building. This is an area of weakness for me which I knew coming into this class, which is the reason I took such a dominant role in planning and taking on extra little projects as we went. By extra projects I am referring to; compiling the master list of markers, dividing them up, ordering them by date, plugging categories etc. into the timeline, writing the group bio/welcome, writing the Program History, field work with Amy, contacting, and compiling the “All Markers” page. I also picked up the “Caroline County” side of one of Shannon’s Markers on Monday afternoon, so that we could finish on time and with good quality work.

Our group created a website that I am proud to have my name on. We definitely fulfilled the assignment given to us, and made a pleasing and navigable site for the general public. We went beyond expectations by complicating the site with extra features, such as personally taken photographs and extra pages such as the program history, timeline, all markers, tags, and categories. Some group members were more consistent than others. I believe this is evident in the final products which we initialed for this purpose. We set ambitious goals to have the research completed early so that it could be revised and checked for accuracy etc. I encourage the use of the site administrator tool to see when posts were made public, because it is very telling as to who was on top of deadlines and to what extent some members procrastinated.

I don’t believe it is necessary to write in much detail about the issue we had Tuesday morning. I have stated my opinion on the situation, and I can do nothing else. I do feel that having had no part of the decision, it should not be held against me. I feel very strongly about this project. I can honestly say that I have done more work for this class than any other class I have ever taken. Despite everything, I am very happy I took this seminar.

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