TWO more weeks

So today it hit me – my goodness in two weeks [plus exams] I am going to be a senior. It seems like just yesterday I was graduating high school. It’s also scary how much more we have left to do in the year – not necessarily this project, but everything else on top of it makes it seem just massive and scary.

This week we had a group meeting Wednesday to talk about final touches and plan for our 15 min presentation thursday. The post before this one details who said what. Unfortunately all but Whitney had to go back in and cite our photos in a different way. I did mine yesterday so I am officially done with things [minus one citation I still need to complete in CCC] until we think of anything else. I think the site looks great and I am really proud of it. Amy and I just have to hit up the last stops for our field work, the two large battlefields nearby, and then we are FINISHED! Great job everyone.

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