My worst fears have been realized

So it came to my attention today that we had a discrepancy between the markers in the book and the markers on the site. My worst fears have come true. Here’s the situation:

Markers in Marker Book [not on site]


“Fall Hill” E-49-b

Spotsylvania County

Penny’s Tavern Site E-129

Heth’s Salient Battle Site E-127

Third Spotsylvania County Courthouse Site E-128

Washinton-Rochambeau Route — Marker not erected.

Stafford County

Kidnapping of Pocahontas E-48

Fredericksburg Campaign N-4

Markers on Website [not in book]


Amoroleck Encounters John Smith N-38

Spotsylvania County

Spotsylvania County Z-149/ Caroline County Z-149

Spotsylvania County Z-156/ Caroline County Z-156

Stafford County
Creek Delegation in Fredericksburg J-102

So to sum this all up – We do not have 62 Markers anymore – we have 6 Official Markers more and I think we should still research the one that is not erected yet which would put our grand total at 69 Markers. Stay tuned for our solution to this travesty. Have a good Spring Break everyone.

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