I am thinking an annotated bibliography would be beneficial for our purposes. Especially for works consulted so that people know what they are looking up…. thoughts?

4 responses to “Bibliography…”

  1. amyb says:

    that sounds good…but (and this is kind of sad) I have no idea how to do an annotated bibliography. um and I don’t really know what they are. ha ha but I’m sure they’re not too hard to learn. so I’m down with an annotated bibliography.

  2. eweaver says:

    So everyone knows… I am not a master at bibliographies myself WHATSOEVER — but — I think that if we could explain why the source is useful/why someone would want to read it/what it is talking about, it would be helpful and more likely that we would have people actually check out our bibliography/ the books/sources within it. Thats what I think at least… we will all learn how to make an annotated bib. OR make up our own way to explain sources for our site.

  3. kwuyscik says:

    To answer your question, Amy, an annotated bibliography is (usually) just adding about 2 sentences of explanation or summary about the source right underneath the actual citation in your works cited/bibliography. So, like Elle said, in your case you could manipulate it to explain why the source is useful and why you used it. I think it’s a great idea actually!

  4. amyb says:

    thanks Kelly! that is really quite easy..i think the words annotated bibliography just sound intimidating! ha ha