62 or 96?

Hey guys don’t freak out because I did enough for all of us just a few moments ago. So while I was researching tonight I came across a helpful website:


According to this there are 96 Historical markers in the three counties we are in charge of. I know – WAIT NO – THATS NOT OK – CRAP WE ARE SCREWED is running through your head.

I looked deeper into this madness in panic and realized that there are a lot of placards that aren’t our kind included in this. We are just doing the black and white ones correct? Also, having seen this site we might want to link to it and definitely outdo it in further research and bibliography. I am sort of disappointed that this project has somewhat already been done. BUT this scare has made me really rethink using just the website given in the syllabus to clarify that we only have a certain number of markers in the area. Whoever has the book —- BRING IT TOMORROW! I am going to go through and count all the markers. Let’s just hope that the website was right in the first place because I went back and checked again – they only have 62 total.  Sleep well, see you in the morning.

Best, Elle

One response to “62 or 96?”

  1. jmcclurken says:

    Two things that should calm your fears.
    1) This site does more than the official state markers you all are working on. For example see http://www.hmdb.org/marker.asp?marker=5374

    It’s nice that it does this, but your focus is on the state historical markers.

    2) This site doesn’t add anything specific to the historical record. It transcribes the marker, discusses where it is and what’s near it. The pictures are interesting, and it occasionally has one link, sometimes historically useful, sometimes not.

    Still, what your group is doing is different, so don’t panic.