I am thinking that early frustration about this process is much better than late in the game [and i hope i am right]. So we have been ambitious — we said that already. We all are having different problems in the form of research and time in our lives etc. I have completed rough drafts of 2 markers and I have a really rough sketch and a lot of scrawled notes and post its on 3 others that can be put together in another substantial sitting. I am feeling confident about how to go about researching and somewhat of what we might be looking for to put on the site now. I still have some reservations about a few things we have not clarified as of now, but I feel confident that we will work together to have a great product in the end.

Just a few things for my group to ponder [and others if they have ideas]—

– how uniform do we want all of our research to be? would it be possible to sign our work and take complete responsibility for the pages we create. we are going to have different writing styles… how much individuality are we going to promote and allow in our project? I for one hope to keep some personal tone and word choice etc. in my own markers. I find history to be more or less interesting based on how it is compiled [i dont think i am alone here]. I feel that so long as our divisions, links and integral parts of each page/marker is there — we have done our job. I like the idea of not having all my work completely reworked — maybe because I am a bit of a control freak and like to have a hand in the final say of things that have my name on them.

– How flexible are we going to be with our deadlines? I am a strong supporter in the “no excuses just get it done on time end of story” policy. We all have already broken our first [and second] deadline. We needed to do so for sanity sake for all of us and we came to this consensus that we underestimated the intensity of the work we wanted to do. However, now that we do have a grasp we need to get crackin’. Thoughts? Should there be consequences for not getting things done etc.?

This is why group work is hard because you have no idea what other people are thinking sometimes. I do feel better after our meeting tonight, and I appreciate everyone taking the time to come and discuss our presentation. My goal for this project is to take more of a following role [not usually my style] and be a work horse type group member that is reliable. This is a real challenge for me because I have never had a group project of this scale before – usually I can get away with doing most of it myself and micromanaging. Obviously for this project that is just not possible.

One response to “Frustration”

  1. kwuyscik says:

    Hey Elle,
    As far as group projects themselves go, you’re not the only one that usually likes to take control of everything and barely delegate. Usually, that’s the type of situation I end up in when working in a group so I’m used to that. But being in a group with such strong and forceful personalities, all of whom have their own agenda, is kind of new for me. And you’re right, it’s hard to work in a group because half the time you have no idea what is running through everyone’s head. The James Monroe group is having a difficult time getting in touch with each other and communicating because we’re all so busy that we can’t afford to sit around and wait for a new email. I, too, prefer an old fashioned face-to-face meeting. But don’t worry, everything will work out! I think the entire class is still a little overwhelmed as far as magnitude of these projects goes. Or, at least I am. See you in class!