Something like a freewrite

So I am blogging — as we have been prompted to do. I haven’t looked at all the wikipedia stuff yet, I just watched the longer- than-i-thought-it-would-be debate video. I feel like the female history professor was on the right track… but I really felt like she did both the pros and cons… debates don’t usually go like that. She also was repetitive… but maybe that’s because I already felt like I knew all those things about wikipedia from my class with McClurken last semester… etc.

Aside from that — I have so much reading to do its not even funny. I am determined to get these 7 markers done but I think we were ambitious with our first deadline. Mine WILL BE DONE…. but I hadn’t realized how much went into these until I sat down to do my research. I am really excited because I know that we all are going to do great research and we will have one fabulous addition to the historical markers online representations.  I can’t wait til its all done. The end…. now i am going to go read about the battle of chancellorsville [aka my thrilling adventure for 10:30 on a friday night]. YES!

One response to “Something like a freewrite”

  1. Shannon says:

    Seems like your Friday night was just about as exciting as mine. I just keep in mind that starting work early means we won’t be the group rushing in the end.