You know you are a history major when you…

So not much to report after this week – I did hit up the library and check out a pretty impressive amount of books, I feel like I am back in 299 but with a much more researchable topic. You know you are a history major/library loser when…. you know the girl at the library check out by name and not because she had a class with you. You also know that you are a history major/library loser if you have to ask for a bag – yes one of those heavy duty red plastic bags they give the kids that already have too many books in their backpack to fit the 10 more they have just checked out. Thank you. thank you very much.

4 responses to “You know you are a history major when you…”

  1. jmcclurken says:

    It’s that wry sense of self-deprecating humor that gets you through courses like this one (and 299). [Glad you’re able to find sources on your topic this time. :-]

  2. cbiddle says:

    I can top that.

    You know you’re a history major/library loser when you know you’re going to need something to carry your stack of books in, so when they ask you if you want the bag, you show them your box. 😀

  3. amyb says:

    ha ha. i must admit I have a box set aside in my room for all the books I will end up checking out this semester. it’s only half full right now…but the semester’s not over yet.

  4. ameye5hp says:

    I thought my 4 bags of books plus duffel during 485 was pretty impressive, but Colin’s box may take the cake. I have an away message leftover from a paper for Dr. McClurken that required me to check out James K. Polk’s papers. Unfortunately for Mr. Polk, my apartment was so stuffed with books for 485 there was no room for him inside, so he had to live in the car. Other 485 books had to move to the car to bring Mr. Polk into the apartment. So yes, I kept James K. Polk in my trunk for much of last semester. Dr. Crawley kindly immortalized in film how I needed assistance returning Polk to the library.