Progress Report #2

So we had our first outside of class group meeting tonight and get a lot of things nailed down. First we discussed and came up with what I think to be a great group contract. I myself am feeling a lot more comfortable now that I know what is my responsibility and how we plan to get this all done. Along with that we divided up all the markers for further research and made deadlines for ourselves to get them done. We also figured out particular jobs that each of us prefer which worked out better than I could have imagined. WHO would have thought that we would have 5 people with different skill sets and ideas of fun history work…. I am thrilled. Shannon and Jennifer are heading off this digital thing, Shannon is also doing our group blurb while Jennifer is our picture collector extraordinaire. Whitney is our editor commander, Amy is our scribe and biographical information checker as well as field work expert #1, and I am a timeline and task master and field work expert #2. VERY EXCITING STUFF. I am really ready to get started and I am pumped to see the final product – which will be done before we know it. Thats all for now… more later.

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