Emily Chang ehub review

¬†Emily Chang’s eHub was pretty cool – it had a huge list of stuff — if I were more interested in digital/internet things in everyday life I would investigate further for pleasure… Unfortunately, I felt like a lot of these tools weren’t very helpful for our purposes. They are all focused around mobilization etc. I don’t know that we need or even care about being able to access our sites from mobile devices. I also felt that it was hard to tell exactly what all these programs could do with such a short description… but Jagango might help us —

Description – Create a mobile website or portal in five minutes or less. Jagango is a template-based website creation tool that guides you through creating a mobile website that you can share with others via SMS. Also features a community where you can view and search other user-created mobile sites.

Jaganga seems user friendly. We will be able to see what other people have made out of it and work from that in the community it has created. Basically I like the idea of giving us steps to follow and creating a website. We should look into this because we have been uncertain about Omeka and maybe this will either be way better [for us] or make us see how great omeka actually is… who knows.

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