Progress Report #1

So I am following Amy’s lead in writing a progress report for our group. Amy already explained our first step of categorization. Good work everyone on getting that done.

Whats next? Well I’ll tell you. Now I am thinking that we should set a model for what we want all of our markers to look like. How much more information are we looking for? How detailed? Is it from when it happened to present day? How many sources will we site for each marker? What do we want each marker page to include? pictures? They are all within driving distance… wouldn’t it be cool to document them ourselves? If there are historical tours of places can we hit those up and even provide links from our page to those websites – example: The Kenmore Inn is in operation today – they have kid activities and tours etc. Very cool – is this within our future research boundaries? Also what about related stories — if the place is made famous by a certain person should we provide a brief history of them also? I just don’t know when to stop.

I know it will obviously vary from marker to marker but we do need to get together and set up a common blueprint for an individual marker to fit in to so that we can get this process moving. Research first, figure out this technology stuff later [thats what I am thinking at least].

2 responses to “Progress Report #1”

  1. amyb says:

    I know what you mean about not knowing where to stop and that is something we will have to look at closely. Most likely it will be really different for each marker. (sweet) But one thing I wanted to ask….dd you research the Kenmore Inn or Kenmore (Fielding Lewis’ mansion)?

  2. eweaver says:

    haha I am an idiot – to be fair they are 4 blocks away

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    and well… both were owned by the same guy and related to the Washingtons…. silly me.