Creative uses of tools so far and how i am doing…

So far as creative uses are going – I am so intimidated by the tools it is really hard to think of uses outside of the project I am doing with historical markers. Omeka seems like a good basis for any website need – but limited in its options for aesthetics. I think if there were a way to link the two [both blogs and omeka] to the same site it would be really effective. Then you could have feedback from your viewers in addition. I am not sure how I never noticed the “write page” option in the blog given that I used it all of last semester and was completely oblivious. I think that exploring that option further might make the uses of the blog more helpful to plugging important research online in an accessible way.

How am I doing?

I am intimidated as afore mentioned. I do feel that I am learning slowly but surely about new tools and don’t feel like we are moving too fast in the class. I do however feel concerned that I will personally be able to master these tools and put them to good use for my project – but I rest assured that I have technologically sound group members who feel more confident and could show me how it’s done. I want to learn more – I think I learn better by seeing someone else do something with the programs other than just messing around with them and figuring it out on my own.

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