I realized that I am actually suposed to introduce myself too…

So I starting reading other blog posts from the class and realized that we were supposed to give a little background about ourselves along with our reasoning for being in this seminar class. I don’t want to bore anyone with my life story so here is the sparknotes –

This is my first seminar and I am pretty intimidated. This is my second year at Mary Wash. I am a dork and I am doing a 3 year plan for college – so I am a Soph-Junior History Major. I play Club Soccer and love it – let’s be honest its the only reason I am not 20 pounds heavier than when I came to school and started eating Seaco and cooking mac and cheese for breakfast lunch and dinner. While we are on the topic of foods and the like – you will probably notice that I don’t function well in the mornings without coffee, beware if I don’t have it at class, I might not be my chipper self that day. Moving on – I am somewhat of a over-achiever. I started a club last year called Young Women Leaders Program which is a mentoring program for college women who want to work with 7th graders in local middle schools. It is a branch or sister site off of the huge program at UVA. Let’s just say it has been a ton of work and not very rewarding yet. I say yet because we are still negotiating with schools and haven’t gotten little sisters. This should be solidified in the next two weeks [and that day will be like Christmas and my Birthday all in one]. And last but not least – I am learning to ride a bike again so that I can make it from Goolrick to Combs in less than 10 minutes for MWF classes – wish me luck it hasn’t been too pretty. Helmets are really cool right?

That’s all for now, I hope you have a little better understanding of who I am after that rant.

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