Progress Report #1

January 30th, 2008

So I am following Amy’s lead in writing a progress report for our group. Amy already explained our first step of categorization. Good work everyone on getting that done.

Whats next? Well I’ll tell you. Now I am thinking that we should set a model for what we want all of our markers to look like. How much more information are we looking for? How detailed? Is it from when it happened to present day? How many sources will we site for each marker? What do we want each marker page to include? pictures? They are all within driving distance… wouldn’t it be cool to document them ourselves? If there are historical tours of places can we hit those up and even provide links from our page to those websites – example: The Kenmore Inn is in operation today – they have kid activities and tours etc. Very cool – is this within our future research boundaries? Also what about related stories — if the place is made famous by a certain person should we provide a brief history of them also? I just don’t know when to stop.

I know it will obviously vary from marker to marker but we do need to get together and set up a common blueprint for an individual marker to fit in to so that we can get this process moving. Research first, figure out this technology stuff later [thats what I am thinking at least].

Creative uses of tools so far and how i am doing…

January 26th, 2008

So far as creative uses are going – I am so intimidated by the tools it is really hard to think of uses outside of the project I am doing with historical markers. Omeka seems like a good basis for any website need – but limited in its options for aesthetics. I think if there were a way to link the two [both blogs and omeka] to the same site it would be really effective. Then you could have feedback from your viewers in addition. I am not sure how I never noticed the “write page” option in the blog given that I used it all of last semester and was completely oblivious. I think that exploring that option further might make the uses of the blog more helpful to plugging important research online in an accessible way.

How am I doing?

I am intimidated as afore mentioned. I do feel that I am learning slowly but surely about new tools and don’t feel like we are moving too fast in the class. I do however feel concerned that I will personally be able to master these tools and put them to good use for my project – but I rest assured that I have technologically sound group members who feel more confident and could show me how it’s done. I want to learn more – I think I learn better by seeing someone else do something with the programs other than just messing around with them and figuring it out on my own.

I realized that I am actually suposed to introduce myself too…

January 20th, 2008

So I starting reading other blog posts from the class and realized that we were supposed to give a little background about ourselves along with our reasoning for being in this seminar class. I don’t want to bore anyone with my life story so here is the sparknotes –

This is my first seminar and I am pretty intimidated. This is my second year at Mary Wash. I am a dork and I am doing a 3 year plan for college – so I am a Soph-Junior History Major. I play Club Soccer and love it – let’s be honest its the only reason I am not 20 pounds heavier than when I came to school and started eating Seaco and cooking mac and cheese for breakfast lunch and dinner. While we are on the topic of foods and the like – you will probably notice that I don’t function well in the mornings without coffee, beware if I don’t have it at class, I might not be my chipper self that day. Moving on – I am somewhat of a over-achiever. I started a club last year called Young Women Leaders Program which is a mentoring program for college women who want to work with 7th graders in local middle schools. It is a branch or sister site off of the huge program at UVA. Let’s just say it has been a ton of work and not very rewarding yet. I say yet because we are still negotiating with schools and haven’t gotten little sisters. This should be solidified in the next two weeks [and that day will be like Christmas and my Birthday all in one]. And last but not least – I am learning to ride a bike again so that I can make it from Goolrick to Combs in less than 10 minutes for MWF classes – wish me luck it hasn’t been too pretty. Helmets are really cool right?

That’s all for now, I hope you have a little better understanding of who I am after that rant.

Digital History

January 17th, 2008

Why I am in this class and what I hope to gain from this experience…

I am in this class because it was by far the most exciting 400 seminar available to us this semester. This is not your average 400 seminar where you read a book a week and talk them to death. THIS is a practical seminar. I also am excited that this is the first seminar of its kind – I really wanted to take part in it.

I am not very technologically savvy whatsoever as anyone who knows me already has been informed. I hope that after this class I will at the very least not be completely oblivious to blogs, wikis, google docs and the like. And I also hope that my group’s project on Historical Markers will turn out as well as expected and that it can be used by other people on the web everywhere. I am excited to get started with these projects and start figuring out what this whole Digital History thing is all about.