What I have learned…

Blog reflection on what you’ve learned this semester and what you wish you’d known at the beginning.

So let’s see – This semester has been one full of struggle and frustration for me…. but it also was fun and I learned a lot.

1. I learned to pick an appropriate topic [one that is focused but also broad enough and well researched previously in order to have enough to say]. And to listen to thesis adviser’s from the beginning since everything wrong with my paper was predicted from day 1. Also I learned to not be SO attached to your topic that you become inflexible and bias – it will only make your research and writing suffer [I promise].

2.I learned that Literature Reviews are not cool – but could be a lot easier if you have already accomplished number 1.

3. I learned that smaller history classes are way more fun and personal.

4. I learned how to use this blogger-mathingy [Which is a big step for someone like me].

5. I learned how to use footnotes in Chicago style and also how to appropriately site things for the first time in my educational career.

6. I learned how to do powerpoint – though I still am stumped as to how to use the timer tool [someday I will figure it out].

7. I learned that speeches don’t have to be scary – the more I practiced, the better they got and the more comfortable I felt. I also learned that when it comes to speeches it is best for me to practice it a minute UNDER time – because I like to expand on things on the spot and tend to [and by that I mean always] go over.

8. I learned that I need to develop a more efficient note taking strategy – post it notes just aren’t good enough for long research papers – I was lucky that this one was only 8 pages.

9. I learned that the best thing to do is to become friends with Jack Bales – he is a cool guy and is very sweet and helpful. Thank you Mr. Bales.

Overall – I feel that this was a very beneficial class for me as a aspiring history major. I feel much more prepared for next Fall when I write the dreaded Senior Thesis. I also feel that I know the history department faculty much better after this semester, which is a plus. Now I can’t wait to be done with the rest of my classes. Good luck everyone with whatever you are moving onto next, have a great break!

One last thing – I wish I had known NO ONE ELSE was going to put up a picture of themselves for the blog, AND I also wish I knew how to take it down.

One response to “What I have learned…”

  1. historyjustin says:

    Have you tried asking someone? Well, it was nice being in the same class as you. You are a nice person to be in the same class with.