Leading Group Discussions

So I was under the impression that if I read and understood my material that I would be more than set for an in class discussion where all I had to do was guide other people through questions about the chapter. WRONG haha talk about crash and burn. Note to the wise – learn from the first groups presentation and prepare clear, well thought out questions that are in the introduction that HOPEFULLY THIS TIME everyone read and then maybe we will have less crickets in the room tomorrow.

2 responses to “Leading Group Discussions”

  1. historyjustin says:

    Yes, thank you for your experience. I am not sure how much better I will do, but I will probably not do what you did, I hope. Good try, though. What you did made sense. At least to me, anyway.

  2. jkilday says:

    But since it was a class discussion, it was also dependent on how much everyone else was prepared. So even if we had prepared even more, it still might not have done a whole lot more in trying to get more of a response out of the class. I thought we did pretty well though, seeing as we were the first to go.