Chronology of my LIFE!

Chronology of My Life

Born March 5th, 1988 in Charlottesville VA

Learned to walk and talk

Went to Elementary School

Started playing soccer

Moved from the house I grew up in

Started Private Girls School

Went to High School

Got into Sirens [a cappella group]

Met/started dating my boyfriend Robbie

Starting Pole Vaulting my Freshman Year

Went to Italy to play soccer Junior Summer

Got into UMW

Went to Nationals in NY for Pving

Graduated from CHS

Went to States and lost after a 21-1 season

Came to UMW

Declared a History Major

Got an Apartment

Started YWLP

Made this list


I noted all the things because they are important to me. Extracurricular activites/sports have always been important to me and so I noted them in my landmarks.  It’s hard to limit myself to a few key things. I know I will think of more but this is the best I can do. These are the most memorable things/most exciting/most life altering/things I am most proud of [I guess], and this is only the first 19 years! Weeeww.

The role of chronology is to see previous events and how they might have affected the ones after them. Order is important.

6 responses to “Chronology of my LIFE!”

  1. historyjustin says:

    So, then, do you still pole vault and/or play soccer? I missed that and am curious. That and how well do you sing? Do you still sing?

  2. eweaver says:

    Justin –
    I still play soccer for the club team here… I made two very tough decisions when I got to college to stop being as competitive with sports by not joining the soccer or track teams that I had been in contact with. I miss the competition a lot. I really miss pole vaulting because I doubt I will ever have that opportunity again. And I sing alright… I am not currently doing any a cappella though. Thanks for the interest [even if we are obligated to write comments on each others blogs. :)]

  3. embea says:

    Wow I feel really old now lol! That is really cool that you got to go to Italy. My nieces want to go there after they graduate high school…my sister and I are trying to work out the finances now because twins are not cheap lol! I think it is really cool that you sang in an a cappella group. I used to do that in high school ages ago.
    Mary Beth

  4. maura says:

    I like put together this is and how you really picked important things. It sums up your life but so far your life still seems full and sometimes writing it down makes it seem life nothing has happened or it seems so full. Yours seems full.

  5. historyjustin says:

    You know, I think everyone in the class’s lives seem full after writing them down, which is pretty neat I think.

  6. julierobert says:

    i like how blatant your Chronology was… OH and i made a list too.. HOW WEIRD?