Chapter 15 Review

Shenton, James P. and Kenny, Kevin. “Ethnicity and Immigration.” The New American History: Revised and Expanded Edition” ed. Eric Foner. Philadelphia, Temple University Press: 1997. 353-373.

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Shenton and Kenny discuss how immigration and definitions of ethnicity have evolved as a process since 1790 in America. Along with that they touch on the importance of researching “conflicts over resources, power, and culture between immigrants and the larger society the enter” in helping to define ethnicity. They discuss immigrants places of origins but also focus on how racially or culturally they differ from “Americans” and how they are treated as a result in that society. Overall this review is more focused on numerical evidence and historical background, compiling over 100 sources on the topic and referencing plenty of them.

Shenton and Kenny structured this piece primarily in chronological order from 1790 to present, but also broke it down further into origins of the immigrants. They references on average another work per paragraph of their own writing/compiling. The bibliography is organized conveniently into general information then chronological eras of immigration so that finding the sources they sited was relatively easy to do.

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