1. My first track meet in high school was a complete disaster. I originally joined the track team to stay in shape for soccer and planned to only pole-vault which required much less running. The first meet didn’t have pole-vaulting as an event so I was put into 2 races to see what I could do. My first race was the 600 meter. I was placed into a mediocre heat, one which I should have won easily. I went out strong, extremely nervous, tense, and holding my breath a bit. There were 4 laps to this race because the indoor facility was small. To be honest I don’t remember all that much of what happened after the 3rd lap. I remember being ahead of everyone and my friends cheering. Then I remember things getting hazy, and slowing down. Next thing I knew everything went black and then the race was over. My 60 year old coach had pick me off the track and laid me into the high jump mat. I learned a valuable lesson that day about running and about life – Don’t hold your breath.


2. My first day of college was a memorable one. To my delight I had been placed to live in Virginia Hall. I had finite math early the first morning of classes and began on my way to Trinkle feeling hopeful that the day would be a good one. As a Freshman naturally I had no idea where I was going. I have also never particularly excelled at understanding directions. I found myself outside of Jepson at 9:00am, on the completely wrong side of campus. Consulting my printed out, highlighted, and checked twice schedule and trying hard not to cry, I wandered toward DuPont and further off track. At this time I was very distraught, but everyone else was in class by this time because I was so late. I tried to call my roommate Molly but she didn’t answer. I decided that I would walk back the way I came and ask the first person I happened upon how to get to Trinkle. I have never seen campus walk so deserted. On my walk back to Virginia [which I thankfully found with little difficulty] I met no one. By the time I got back to my room it was 9:30 and class was practically over already so I lay down on my bed and cried. I learned an important life lesson that day – get good directions and learn how to use them.

7 responses to “Autobiographies”

  1. historyjustin says:

    Such a hard choice! I’ll go with the first story; that one is the false. Who does pole vaulting in order to stay in shape? Right?

  2. eweaver says:

    I feel like both these stories are money because you all know im a spaz and either could be true. and… as far as polevaulting goes for staying in shape – you also know that sometimes my reasoning skills arent the best.

  3. embea says:

    Wow they are both plausible but I think I will go with the poll vaulting one as being false as well.
    Mary Beth

  4. jkilday says:

    I think i’m going to go against the grain and say that the first one is true. I don’t know much about track but even if you’re only competing at the pole vault, don’t you still run with the rest of them during practice?

  5. maura says:

    I”m gonna go with #1 as true……only because I had that finite class with you on monday and wed. nights in Trinkle fall semester last year and I’m pretty sure you were there the first day.

  6. julie says:

    im gonna go with the first one being true… arent all track coaches like 60 years old?