Note taking or chicken scratch?

I have to admit my way of note taking is just write down everything that could be relevant and maybe the page its on, leaving a post-it there to remind me to go back later. I hadn’t even realized how sub par my notes really are until I read this part of TUR. A template would be much more helpful and easy to use while writing. I guess the reason I haven’t developed an effective way of note taking yet is that my notes have always been from lecture, not from sources. For lectures I write down EVERYTHING i can and then review and organize by date/importance later. I guess that is a bit different than reading from specific sources, which you will eventually have to go back to again to get quotes or more detail. It would be even better if as we read our sources for this project we can take notes on everything we need and already choose quotes and things to paraphrase to help us. Unfortunately with the evolution of thesis’s and focus still going on [at least for me personally] it is hard to get all the information you will use on the first read. This is where good citation of information comes in so you don’t have to scramble and re-read TONS of pages to find the one thing that is relevant all over again. So – hopefully I can change my ways and be more systematic. If nothing else i will at least think a little bit more of agreeing with a source and disagreeing, because I hadn’t thought about the helpfulness of disagreeing or the problem with agreeing completely with one.

2 responses to “Note taking or chicken scratch?”

  1. maura says:

    I am with you on just writing everything down. It is really hard when the professor talks a mile a minute but it works out in the end. I truly believe that if you don’t write every word down that some professors say, such as in our VA class, that that one thing you didn’t write down will be on the test. Which has been my experience with our VA professor as well…so don’t zone out in that class write write write…I’m still working on it.

  2. Elle Weaver says:

    Strange — I have a history degree and my name is also Elle Weaver. I still write everything down..notes, memories, dreams, odd sayings, funny phrases. It is a nasty hangover effect of the love of history. I think the important thing is to be in the habit of writing always, notes or otherwise. Good luck!