Tips from L

So being the completely computer savvy lady that I am, I thought heck yeah! Let’s help some people out by telling my tricks of the trade…. These may or may not be things that help or are particularly not well known…. but since i am not sure ill just share what I have.

1. bookmarks of the best things can be put into your toolbar – I have blackboard, webmail, our blog sites, facebook and google as little toolbar buttons that save me a lot of time. Its easy to do – click bookmarks or CONTROL D and chose bookmark toolbar as opposed to the scroll down list of bookmarked pages.

2. I use CONTROL F a lot – its the easiest way to find specific things in a long page of information. Just type in the key word youre looking for and it will find it for you.

3. The last thing I want to share is another toolbar function. I have a new tab icon in my toolbar. If I want more than one webpage open it is easy to just click on new tab instead of reopening firefox or right clicking to get the same thing done. It saves time and is one of the options in the toolbar setup that is helpful and everyone should use.

Hope someone learned something – These are all things that I find helpful.

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