primary source evaluation

  1. When was the source composed? – April 1946
  2. Who composed the source? – Heifer Project Committee, New Windsor Maryland.
  3. What do we know about the author? – The Committee was in charge of advertising and spreading the word about Heifer Project.
  4. Under what conditions was the source composed? – This was the pamphlet distributed at the Dedication Service for Heifers which took place on Roger Roop’s Farm in New Windsor, MD. on April 6, 1946, 3pm. It listed the days events and gave a brief history and low down about frequently asked questions.
  5. Was the source constructed based on legal or other formulae? – i dont know exactly what this question refers to in regards to my source – It is a source of propaganda of sorts of the HP.
  6. Was it written at the time of the event? After the event? Years later? – This source was written at the time the HP began, which is valuable because it describes the projects goals as they were in the beginning and lists important names like Dan West, Roger Roop, etc.
  7. Does the source allude to other works? Events? Spanish Civil War, World War II. People? Dan West, Roger Roop, The Westminster Church of the Brethren. Ideas? The War Emergency Act, ideas behind aiding world hunger. Are you familiar with them? Yes I have researched all of these ideas.
  8. How might the author’s perspective on the event or issue differ from that of other authors? The Heifer Committee will obviously have a clear idea of exactly what the ideas of Heifer Project is wanting to portray. There won’t be any negative protrayal of the program from this source, but it will establish a clear message of what is next with the Heifer Project.
  9. How will you use the source to prove your argument? It gives background information about the program but also identifies how unique a solution they have come up with to solve such a complex problem overseas. It also addresses a desire to aid countries at war currently – and how they plan to do so in the near future because “hungry women and children everywhere should be fed.” Also the quote “Let us reclaim some of the damage that was done by war” takes some responsibility and proposes a solution. “Christians of America can save Europe” also empowers Americans to take a role in the lives of others not in their country, and at the same time introduces the agenda that the HP began with – hard core Christianity.
  10. What are some of the limitations of this source? It is a very short source and does not address the UNRRA at all besides crediting it for the photos attached. It is also a pamphlet straight from the source – there is no negative light or other opinions included, just straight facts.
  11. Knowing those limitations, what other sources may be necessary to complete your paper? Obviously I need much more information on the logistics of UNRRA and more first hand accounts. I will compile more newspaper articles, research the development of philanthropy over seas, and more background information about the UNNRA and how it effected this situation. I hope to find a general account of the goals of the UNRRA and how it evolved and helped HP get up and running internationally.

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