Monday’s class

I am not the most computer savvy in all the land. I thought it was helpful to know which sites to go to and how to use them effectively. Having Mr. Bales there was really nice for support. I need to visit him individually it seems. I think that any time a group of 15 people are trying to do things on computers at the same time and do about the same thing it is tricky to keep everyone on the same page. I feel like the pace wasn’t too fast that we were leaving folks behind, [no not even i got too terribly lost] and I enjoyed getting to take a swing at someone else’s topic instead of my own illusive one for a while. That said, I think I found some interesting sites for my partner – and she found a few things for me. If nothing else this exercise helped me feel less worthless in the searching for resources department because no one else found much on my topic either. ) so long as it isn’t just me… right?

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  1. jmcclurken says:

    Nice job with the link….