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The topic I decided to write about for our research project this year is the Heifer Project. The Heifer Project is a volunteer organization that collects and sends cattle to families in need over seas. It started during and after WWII.

This is a very personal topic for me. My Great Grandparents were immensely involvedĀ  – their farm was a holding ground for the cattle and my Great Grandfather Roger worked with the Heifer Project cattle for 4 years, instead of his usual farmer duties. My Great Grandmother Olive is still alive and is a wonderful story teller, she has records of these years, her own personal stories, a newscast interview of her and Roger, and a dictation of Rogers that she typed for him before he died and countless other ties to the program to share.

Bigger idea questions and narrowing it all down will probably be the hard part for me. I am thinking of looking at this as a case study to how average Americans at home felt about the bloodshed abroad. I also wanted to take a look at the broad picture of volunteer efforts by Americans to help Germans, even in this time of obvious distaste for each others countries. If anyone has any ideas I am open to any suggestions.

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  1. jkilday says:

    I’m not sure I can give you many suggestions because I really don’t know much about your topic, actually, I had never heard of the Heifer project. However, it sounds like it will be a very interesting topic for you to explore because of the personal connection you seem to have with it. It is probably also helpful because you will be able to get primary sources more easily. As for narrowing it down, you could maybe put it into the form of a question that compares it to other volunteer organizations of the time or maybe choose just one other organization to look at if you wanted to narrow it down further.
    Good luck! In whichever direction you decide to go.

  2. embea says:

    Wow..what an interesting topic. I have never heard of that project before. That is really cool to know that we are able to send aid to people even if we are fighting them. I wonder if the people involved in the heifer program ever experienced any negative reactions at the time it started for helping a country that we went to war against? What a great resource to have your Great Grandmother here to talk to about it and see her records! I always loved talking to my grandparents about their experiences it really makes the times come alive!
    Good Luck

  3. kwilson says:

    You have definitely made some progress in deciding what you are going to do since class, which is awesome. I’m wondering if it would be to broad to look at the American homefront in general because that is a big topic. What if you narrowed in on the agricultural aspect of the homefront like farmers and such, which kinda goes along with the Heifer project? I have no idea if that is too specific or if its of any interest to you, just putting it out there! =) Good luck! It sounds really interesting and very unique!

  4. cdiii says:

    First, as I have told you before, I am jeaous of the sources you have for your paper; very lucky. With that aside, it seems that you are narrowing it down bit by bit. I like the idea about looking at the efforts made back home from volunteers. Just make sure not to drift off to far from the Heifer Project, if you do decide to take that road.

  5. historyjustin says:

    I agree that is an interesting topic. I have never heard of them either. Do the German American organizations of the time have anything to do with your topic? If I remember correctly, they actually had close ties with Germany prior to the United States’ involvement in the war.

  6. Immendyestity says:

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