Why I chose to be a History Major

I have to be honest and say I don’t know what I want to do with my life after college. However I do know that I have always enjoyed History classes [particularly the two 100 level courses I have taken thusfar at Mary Washington]. I like to know the back story of things: why people and places are the way they are, what happened years ago in the places we live today, and how our world was shaped to be what it is today. All that interests me very much.

I have to be honest again and say I don’t excel in History more than any other subject – which was initially going to be the method by which I decided upon a major. Instead I went with a gut decision that intrigue should be more important than natural ability. In order to get a better understanding of who I am and why I make decisions the way I do, my classmates might be interested to know that I made my decision to become a History major after my first semester of college and forced myself to do so in order to plan ahead to achieve the goal of mine to graduate in 3 years. In conclusion, I decided to become a History major because the past intrigues me and I went with a gut decision to get this show on the road.

5 responses to “Why I chose to be a History Major”

  1. mburtis says:

    I think this is an interesting quote:

    “I have to be honest again and say I don’t excel in History more than any other subject – which was initially going to be the method by which I decided upon a major.”

    All too often, I think we assume that we should feel like the subjects we choose to focus on in life should be the ones we excel at the most. In fact, I’ve discovered that some of the most rewarding adventures I’ve been on have been when I chose to work on something that didn’t necessarily come easily to me. That sense of “intrigue” you mention CAN be much more important than your initial sense of your abilities.

    Good for you for trusting your gut.

  2. historyjustin says:

    Have you seen any of the history documentaries or shows that are on television nowadays? A couple of my favorites are Ken Burns’ Baseball and the series he did on Jazz. I just saw a snippet of a show on public television called “Histories’ Mysteries”, I think, that has a historian take an artifact or artifacts that a person has and is wondering about and has the historian research the entire history of the artifact for them. It looked pretty interesting. Any preferences as far as what period of history you like to study?

  3. eweaver says:

    In response to Justin’s Ken Burns comment – I think I’ve seen one of his specials, I recently heard about one coming up on PBS called “The War” which seemed interesting. It airs Sept. 23rd so you should keep it in mind. It sounds like the type of look at history that I enjoy.

    And to low tech loser – ha I can’t use computers/technology either so don’t fret. And I hope my gut feeling works out for me – thanks for the support.

  4. cspeth says:

    Your curiosity about the past is a great way to start out as a history major. Be flexible about when you graduate. You do not want to put so much stress on yourself that you might not enyoy what you are learning.

  5. jkilday says:

    I’m glad to see that i’m not the only one who went on a gut. I actually decided in high school that i wanted to major in history but after that, thats just always what i’ve stuck with because it feels the most comfortable and because changing late in the game would seem like a setback. I feel like I decided because I had really good teachers who made me enjoy the subject and because I too would want to be one of those teachers. The moral of the story is that its good to know there are others I can relate too!