Glory has an all star cast that nearly rivals that of Amistad and to me falls around the same spectrum of historical accuracy as Amistad as well. Glory has individual pieces of truth, but fell short on the grander scheme of things. While there was a fair amount of racism shown within the film, it seemed like just a drop in the bucket of what truly was going on during the civil war. It demonstrated a very small portion of racism within the Union army, but fell short on showing exactly how much 99% of whites, both northern and southern, did not trust blacks. I also wondered if there was a different reason for the 54th to be placed at the front of the initial assault on the fort, could it be that minority troops were less important and could therefore be sacrificed more easily? I felt that this movie filled stereotypical roles for blacks and war movie characters in general. Overall I felt that this movie is much like Amistad and the Patriot in that there are historical inaccuracies intertwined, but overall the main purpose was to portray a historical even in an entertaining way (in which style, things have to be rearranged etc. to achieve this).

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