So I know group projects are supposed to challenge you on your people and communication skills. I also know that group projects are not always fun or as productive as one might hope them to be. I also know that I can be a very intense person when it comes to deadlines, doing your fair share, and communicating…. but I have sort of come to the conclusion that there is a point at which persons like myself can only do so much. I will continue to do my share of the work, but I feel that it is a waste of my energy to constantly remind group members of deadlines and constantly be the leader who is decisive. Amy and I have field work left to do. I also need to create my biographical page for the site. Other than that I need to find some links and pictures and I will be officially done.

One response to “Tension”

  1. mdowns says:

    Oh, is THAT what this project is for?? I had no idea… But now that I am aware, things are going to go great!