1 more Marker…

I only have 1 more marker to do… and it feels so good!

I was going to head to sleep now but I am just on a roll, I can’t wait to press Publish on this last one [Grant’s Supply Line] and be completely finished with phase one of Historical Marker madness.  I have learned a lot about 15 random historical events and it has been extremely interesting. I also learned how to use microfishe as of yesterday. It was one of the best sources I could have possibly found – a camp newspaper published for every month that Company 2363 was in existence. Awesome. I am glad my first experience with the machine was a fruitful one because it is a pain in the butt to use. Thats all – now back to Grant and his supplies.

2 responses to “1 more Marker…”

  1. mdowns says:

    My favorite thing about the mary washington library is that nobody really knows how to use the microfilm and microfiche machines… But once you are one of the lucky few who figure it out, you feel so very cool looking at some old periodicals. That and carrying bags and bags of books around.

  2. ameye5hp says:

    I’m finally getting caught up on my comment-reading, and I really appreciated this comment. I get phone calls from people asking if I can teach them to use the microfilm and fiche machines! Oh the joys of being a history major!