Well well well – to me this is the same old story… Wikipedia is good but at the same time its bad.

After looking at the discussion and history tabs I am a little overwhelmed. The discussion of these articles could be endless and the minor discrepancies that people come up with are just ridiculous. I read a comment on the error of saying football or soccer as a keyword link in an article. Why not have both so that Americans can figure it out since we seem to be the only ones who like to confuse things by calling it soccer and a sport that we play with OUR HANDS — Football. Back to my point — these things could be endless and there is no way to not have any guy off the street rant about proper wording or whatever he wants no matter if it actually matters or not. That is a lot of freedom. I do like the history tab but I think it could be organized in a less busy way — I couldn’t understand what I was looking at until I looked around for a bit, there has to be a better way of showing that information.

Well that’s my rant – but at least I didn’t do it on wikipedia.

One response to “Wikipedia”

  1. kwuyscik says:

    I firmly believe Wikipedia is a scary place.