Digital History

Why I am in this class and what I hope to gain from this experience…

I am in this class because it was by far the most exciting 400 seminar available to us this semester. This is not your average 400 seminar where you read a book a week and talk them to death. THIS is a practical seminar. I also am excited that this is the first seminar of its kind – I really wanted to take part in it.

I am not very technologically savvy whatsoever as anyone who knows me already has been informed. I hope that after this class I will at the very least not be completely oblivious to blogs, wikis, google docs and the like. And I also hope that my group’s project on Historical Markers will turn out as well as expected and that it can be used by other people on the web everywhere. I am excited to get started with these projects and start figuring out what this whole Digital History thing is all about.

One response to “Digital History”

  1. shauser says:

    I am really excited about the idea of other people being able to use our Historical Markers site. Its more than writing a paper only your professor sees, it is something that a wide audience of people can have access to, we live in exciting times.
    I think in learning about Digital History we are right on the cutting edge of the field and thats is pretty awesome.