passive voice and quotations

potential quotations –

“Upon returning home we thought more about the situation and felt that the fairgrounds were not a very suitable place to collect and handle cattle…” Roger Roop

“are heifers being given to countries suffering military defeat? not yet. the war emergency act makes it impossible, but we hope to very soon.  Hungry women and children everywhere must be fed.” – HP pamphlet.

[in relation to pacifists/COs in the Brethren church and applying for CO status in WWII.] – “the tension between beliefs and actual practice made it difficult for young men to make a decision…” – Yoder

Passive voice has always been a problem for me but what i understand is that it is not simplified and direct, it uses the word form to be, and it doesn’t make it clear who is doing the action. Here is a swing at an example….

When she woke up this morning, she had to remember to get coffee and do her homework.

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  1. maura says:

    passive voice has always been a problem for me too.